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  • 6.291.0: December contest update
  • 6.291.0: QSO input: the map was sometimes not displayed on first launch, now ok
  • 6.291.0: QSO input: some input fields were hard to see in night color mode, ok now
  • 6.291.0: Correction for reading the XML file from HRD
  • 6.291.0: CSV import: extended date formats
  • 6.291.0: QSO entry easy layout: some revisions
  • 6.291.0: Correction of the app function: Clicking on cluster in the app shows QSO in the

24.11.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.291.0

  • 6.290.5: Reduced web queries when uploading a QSO to the QSO input fields
  • 6.290.5: starting the program on 2nd monitor: did not work correctly in 6.290.4 when the window was maximized - now fixed
  • 6.290.5: Elekraft K4: better mode implementation for RXonAir function
  • 6.290.5: Correction of some IOTA and DOK entries

10.11.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.290.5

  • 6.290.3: November contest update
  • 6.290.3: Import: When importing manually, only the file and folder of the last manual import are displayed, not those of the automatic imports
  • 6.290.3: Data Editors: Fix for "Clear Columns" button
  • 6.290.3: QSO input: if an additional field contains a selection list, the selection is now correct and you don't have to click twice anymore
  • 6.290.3: large map: grayline setting is now also saved permanently
  • 6.29

28.10.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.290.3

  • 6.290.2: If the map of the QSO entry window is displayed on a second monitor, it now updates again immediately after the QSO change.
  • 6.290.2: Data synchronization and import: New option "Set end time to UTC if end time is empty". (Premium License)
  • 6.290.2: Import: New option "Use own station data if no information about it in the import file". (Premium License)
  • 6.290.2: Import: Various fields that HAM OFFICE does not need are automatically hidden when reading the

21.10.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.290.2

  • 6.290.1: minor layout corrections in station list, LDK list, DX cluster and contests
  • 6.290.1: Contest columns are saved correctly again
  • 6.290.1: Web query in contests only after callsign has been fully entered
  • 6.290.1: Backup folders are saved separately again depending on their type
  • 6.290.1: Conteste: If font is set too big, it resets automatically
  • 6.290.1: LogCheck: Update QSLs display after QSL print

06.10.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.290.1

  • 6.290.0: October contest update
  • 6.290.0: Correction of call data query when call book is integrated
  • 6.290.0: Adjustments for Windows XP after recent Win10 updates
  • 6.290.0: Correction in the QSO input window: Under very special conditions, the input fields could shift - now fixed

29.09.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.290.0

  • 6.289.7b: Correction in online update for memory manager update
  • 6.289.7: minor fixes in layout and data editors
  • 6.289.7: Takeover of QTH from Callcloud: first letter always capitalized (premium license)

16.09.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.289.7

  • 6.289.6d: Correction for Release 6.289.6a-c: Color of the QSO list in the QSO entry window, automatic start of DXCluster in the QSO entry window
  • 6.289.6c: in version release 6.289.6 a checkbox was moved under the QSO list in the meantime, which is now in the right place again
  • 6.289.6c: in version release 6.289.6 there was also a problem in the meantime when updating the log list after entering a QSO - this has also been fixed now
  • 6.289.6c:Correction of the Lo

08.09.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.289.6

  • 6.289.5: Customization for VarAc (Premium License)
  • 6.289.5: Update contest keyboard party
  • 6.289.5: CSV export: space removal at frequency
  • 6.289.5: Fixed a protection violation in statistics charts
  • 6.289.5: Fixed Aa function in QSO entry window

01.09.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.289.5

  • 6.289.4: Adaptation to changed amsat file format (sat import)
  • 6.289.4: External logs (digital programs): If multiple logs are queried, the station call query is now saved separately for each log
  • 6.289.4: AExternal logs: There is now a switch for creating the wsjtx-log.adi and wsjtx.log files under Program options-External logs
  • 6.289.4: ADIF export: space removal at frequency
  • 6.289.4: September contest update
  • 6.289.4: Display correction for v

25.08.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.289.4

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