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  • 6.287.3b: LogCheck - classic - quick search: sometimes did not show any QSOs when searching for callsigns - now corrected
  • 6.287.3: DX cluster in QSO entry window: the ribbon switches sometimes "slid away" - now fixed
  • 6.287.3: DX cluster - "Delete" button now also active in the monitor window
  • 6.287.3: DX cluster - "send" switch: if two internet clusters are open, then sending takes place in the active internet cluster
  • 6.287.3: DX Cluster: The "Suppress Repea

08.04.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.287.3

  • 6.287.2: April contest update
  • 6.287.2: F3 map in QSO entry window: Improvement when calling the qrz.com page from the map
  • 6.287.2: DXCC Award for Statistics: Correction of the update function

01.04.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.287.2

  • 6.287.1: satellite list: the list could possibly be black : now corrected
  • 6.287.1: Map in the DX alarm window: if the map is set to a radius of 1000km and is then pushed very small, the locator information is still visible< /li>
  • 6.287.1: MVP contest: in the future no more restrictions on entering QSOs when participating as a guest
  • 6.287.1: LogCheck: If you change a listed QSO, you can print the QSL card right there with F9
  • 6.287.1: Marking of QSOs in

24.03.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.287.1

  • 6.287.0: DX alarm window: fixes for saving last window setting and columns
  • 6.287.0: VHF Contest: "Allow double QSO" is now enabled by default
  • 6.287.0: Fixed an effect that caused too much memory to be used
  • 6.287.0: Correction in satellite list Bahninfo

17.03.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.287.0

  • 6.286.6: VHF contest: With EDI export you can now choose whether the DOK should be exported or not. By default, the DOK export is turned off because the DARC robot no longer accepts the DOKs. Participants of the last VHF contest simply create the EDI file again.
  • 6.286.6: DX cluster in QSO entry window: now starts correctly with DX window again if it was set at last start
  • 6.286.6: Lists in data editors: correction in list and thumbnail view

10.03.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.286.6

  • 6.286.5: HRD import: consideration of FT4 as MFSK submode
  • 6.286.5: Corrections and improvements in QSO list printout

03.03.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.286.5

  • 6.286.4: March contest update
  • 6.286.4: Correction of version 3b: changed column widths are now saved correctly again
  • 6.286.4: Label creation without HAM label: automatic conversion of RSTr placeholders into RSTs placeholders switched off
  • 6.286.4: Ribbon switch in the DXCluster of the QSO entry window: if not permanently visible, then now better positioning
  • 6.286.4: Import: improved interpretation of frequency notation that previously could not b

24.02.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.286.4

  • 6.286.3b: (Premium license only) When sending the QSOs to the web databases, the message may appear that there are no QSOs in the period, although there were QSOs: now corrected
  • 6.286.3: Cluster in the QSO entry window: The font size remains the same for monitor, DX and alarm (regardless of the font setting in the cluster setup)
  • 6.286.3: Satellite map: Fixed an error message that could appear

17.02.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.286.3

  • 6.286.2: Program now displays better in meeting/video conferencing programs
  • 6.286.2: Export: Changing the file name is possible for all export types
  • 6.286.2: satellite map: footprint is created at shorter intervals

10.02.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.286.2

  • 6.285.4: Update DLPX-Contest
  • 6.285.4: better font placement on the start screen
  • 6.285.4: new option when sending a DX cluster spot: send UTC (necessary for some clusters)
  • 6.285.4: DXCluster-Initkomandos: End-of-line characters changed so that Hamalert and some other clusters also recognize the login details better
  • 6.285.4: QSL label printing: the left selection window remembers the last setting of the sorting
  • 6.285.4: EQSL window

12.01.2022  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.285.4

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