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  • 6.298.0: QSO input window: if you click on the small QSL switch, individual images are now displayed larger depending on the screen scaling in Windows (Premium License)
  • 6.298.0: External logs and QO-100: When automatically importing from external logs, the SAT and SAT_Mode fields are now also filled with QO-100 and SX if the frequency is 24000 MHz is (and the SAT_MODE field is present)
  • 6.298.0: When exporting to an ADIF file or to web databases, the SAT_MODE field

15.02.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.298.0

  • 6.297.8: Adaptations for Microsoft Smartscreen (Premium License)
  • 6.297.8: Update VFDB contest
  • 6.297.8: when entering the frequency 2400 (2.4GHz), "QO-100" is automatically entered (premium license)
  • 6.297.8: if the L additional field "SAT_MODE" has been set up, then "SX" is automatically entered in this field if "QO-100" is the satellite name (Premium License)

08.02.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.297.8

  • 6.297.7: Import - QSL comparison: new option "only consider confirmed QSOs (QSL rcvd = "Y")": This option is necessary if - like with ClubLog - not only confirmed QSos are included in the log (premium license)
  • 6.297.7: An error message sometimes occurred in various places in the program (e.g. after backup in the LogCheck window). This has now been eliminated.
  • 6.297.7: QSO input window: Switches in the QSO additional window and displays in the QuickCheck additional window are bett
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    01.02.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.297.7

    • 6.297.6: Update of February contests
    • 6.297.6: Revision of some windows for better display with large fonts
    • 6.297.6: DXCluster in the QSO input window: Band switch is deactivated if the band plan bar should always be visible in the cluster settings.

    25.01.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.297.6

    • 6.297.5: Contests: In the contest configuration window you can now set whether a message window should appear for double QSOs or whether only a message should be displayed above the call input field
    • 6.297.5: Contest: With certain screen settings, the beam direction to the other station is no longer obscured by the CAT switch
    • 6.297.5: on some computers the options window no longer opened in the QSO input window -> this is now fixed

    18.01.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.297.5

    • 6.297.4: Optimization of reading in external log files (especially speed increase for XML files, correction for ADIF and log files)
    • 6.297.4: Additional round window when entering QSO: improved display of the number of participants
    • 6.297.4: Check function for statistics DXCC award improved
    • 6.297.4: older operating systems: update management possible without administrator authorization
    • 6.297.4: Improved AutoQSL function for FT4 and FT8
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    11.01.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.297.4

    • 6.297.3c: Update Schwabencontest (file output as Cabrillo file)
    • 6.297.3b: Update WSA, DARC10m contest and contest RLP week
    • 6.297.3: Update of January contests
    • 6.297.3: QSO lists: sorting by date, entering "2022" in the search field shows all QSOs from 2022, but entering 2501 shows all QSOs from January 25th, 2023 etc
    • 6.297.3: CAT driver FT-818 (Premium license)
    • 6.297.3: expanded statistics lists for US counties: now also split with cal

    14.12.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.297.3

    • 6.297.2: Names of the additional fields can now be up to 24 characters long
    • 6.297.2: the field width setting for LogCheck quick search is now identical to the logbook
    • 6.297.2: If another DXCC is assigned in the QSO input window using the small arrow switch next to the DXCC name, it will automatically be permanently saved for this call sign
    • 6.297.2: Import: When importing an unknown additional field, this is now automatically created in HAM OFFICE and does

    07.12.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.297.2

    • 6.297.1: DX alarm: in the "Call" statistics view, the DXCC and the DXCC name for this call are displayed at the same time, so that you can quickly determine the DXCC does not have to switch to the DXCC tab
    • 6.297.1: Sorting of QSOs: When sorting by date (latest QSO at the top), the order of the QSOs is now better taken into account if they are entered very quickly one after the other.
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    • 6.297.1: Adjustments for IOTA, DOK, LDK: For these entries you can now indicate

    30.11.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.297.1

    • 6.297.0: Update of December contests
    • 6.297.0: minor revision of website access in maps
    • 6.297.0: Removal of the double logo display in the top right of some windows
    • 6.297.0: Submode SAT is ignored during imports and the correct mode is entered
    • 6.297.0: PROP_MODE (Propagation) is no longer suggested as an import field, as this field is handled automatically in HAM OFFICE
    • 6.297.0: Switch bars at the bottom of lists again have a uniform co

    23.11.2023  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.297.0

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