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  • 6.299.4: Changes to the timeouts when accessing the LotW websites, so that the waiting time in the event of a LotW server error is not as long
  • 6.299.4: If several logs are compared with LotW when the program starts or ends and the server does not respond, the termination is now faster from the second log onwards, so that the waiting time when the program starts is also reduced due to the LotW server error (Premium License)

23.05.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.299.4

  • 6.299.3: Size of display area in program options and QSO settings window increased to make lower settings easier to read
  • 6.299.3: Update Contest Rhineland-Palatinate Activity Evenings (Cabrillo output file)
  • 6.299.3: Better interception of double-clicks on the homepage (so that functions are not started twice)

16.05.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.299.3

  • 6.299.2: Improvements to the heritage contest. Please create the ADIF file for the evaluator with the new version or refer to the class in the email when sending the ADIF file.
  • 6.299.2: Minor layout changes due to cut switches
  • 6.299.2: Revision of the complete export of the logbook to the OnlineLog

10.05.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.299.2

  • 6.299.1: Improvement of the spot display on DX cluster map (purchase version).
  • 6.299.1: QSL label editing in the mask editor: Texts can be edited in the text line again
  • 6.299.1: Contests: better support for contests that require name and/or QTH in the report.
  • 6.299.1: Update of the contests HAM Eurotag, HAM RheinlandPfalz, HAM Hamburg.

02.05.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.299.1

  • 6.299.0: Update of the May contests.
  • 6.299.0: Switch with an arrow: The mouse click area for the arrow is now much larger, making it easier to hit..
  • 6.299.0: Large DX alarm window: The map now has more space for display.
  • 6.299.0: QSOs that are exported to the OnlineLog are now logged in the onlinelogul.pro file so that you can check why a QSO may not have been accepted .
  • 6.298.9: Functions "Copy logbook" and "QSL label - data selection": here too, i

25.04.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.299.0

  • 6.298.9: Functions "Copy logbook" and "QSL label - data selection": here too, improvement in the behavior of the lists when several entries are marked.
  • 6.298.9: TRX FTDX101D,YAESU_FTDX101MP,YAESU_FTDX10,YAESU_FT710: Differentiation CW-L and CW-U
  • 6.298.9: CW-Keyer: The text input window has been revised. It now allows immediate text entry, saving with Enter and closing with ESC
  • 6.298.9: Elimination of an error message that could possibly appear when opening th

18.04.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.298.9

  • 6.298.8: Improved behavior of lists when selecting multiple entries.
  • 6.298.8: QSL print mask editor: better positioning of elements when view is zoomed in
  • 6.298.8: QSL printing mask editor: better usability via keyboard (moving, deleting elements etc)

11.04.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.298.8

  • 6.298.7: QSO lists: in some functions the QSO list changed the current line - this is now improved
  • 6.298.7: Mask editor for label printing: Updates to the view of the currently edited element are now faster
  • 6.298.7: in some windows in the label printing area the switches were not fully visible - improved
  • 6.298.7: Statistics - Diagrams: Label now remains even with narrower bars

04.04.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.298.7

  • 6.298.6: Update of the April contests.
  • 6.298.6: Contest HAM Holyland: Adaptation to new announcement
  • 6.298.6: QSO lists: After deleting a QSO, the bar was sometimes set to previous QSOs. Now it always moves to the next QSO.
  • 6.298.6: QSO input window: When increasing the font size with the Aa switch, the lines in the QSO list became too large. Now improved.
  • 6.298.6: Label printing: An error message may appear when opening the mask editor window.

28.03.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.298.6

  • 6.298.5: Lists: Improved display when the scroll bar is pressed
  • 6.298.5: Color correction in settings windows
  • 6.298.5: Lexicon HAM abc: Updates about the new entry-level class N
  • 6.298.5: eQSL export for purchased version: It can now be set separately whether the export to eQSL should also take place when importing a log
  • 6.298.5: less flickering on the GPS switch in the QSO input window
  • 6.298.5: Web QSO exchange window at start or end n

21.03.2024  HAM OFFICE  Release 6.298.5

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